It Won’t Just Help Heal a Patient;
It’ll Help Heal Your Overall Patient Costs.

As everyone in the healthcare industry knows, there’s a constant struggle between delivering excellent care and keeping costs down. The situation is especially challenging when it comes to pressure ulcers.

An ounce of prevention.

More and more hospitals are paying attention to pressure ulcers. Not only are they costly to treat, but they are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the rising number of comorbidities.

Making matters more urgent is the fact that Medicare, as part of its “Never Event” policy, has stopped reimbursing healthcare facilities for the expense of treating pressure ulcers and injuries acquired during a hospital stay.

The result of these converging factors is that healthcare facilities are realizing that concentrating on the prevention of pressure ulcers is the best long-term strategy. Rapidly emerging is a paradigm shift about support surfaces and how they are used to protect patients.

That’s where Dolphin FIS comes in.

Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation® (FIS) technology creates an environment where the patient is kept in a near neutrally buoyant state. It provides breakthrough results in preventing and treating pressure ulcers which, in turn, means breakthrough results in reducing the costs of pressure ulcers.

Consider the ways in which Dolphin FIS offers potential savings.


Dolphin FIS maintains blood flow to prevent and treat pressure ulcers to help patients get better faster.

One solution,
multiple settings.

Only Dolphin FIS is proven to prevent and treat pressure ulcers across the care continuum. This technology can be placed on OR tables, stretchers, and bed frames – even those in bariatric and pediatric units. That means standardized surfaces and far fewer models to purchase
or rent.

Accelerated healing.

Dolphin FIS works to prevent existing pressure ulcers from progressing, so they won't require unnecessary treatment, medical resources
or surgery.

Less staff time.

Dolphin FIS is automatic, easy to use and requires little training; as a result, caregivers spend less time interacting with the unit.

Reduced operational costs.

Because Dolphin FIS fits existing bed frames, there are fewer to store or move around. A simplified supply chain makes purchasing faster, easier and more cost-effective.

In short, Dolphin FIS is a breakthrough technology that fits perfectly into a long-term strategy of improving patient outcomes to reduce overall cost of care.

Patients benefit. Caregivers benefit. Healthcare facilities benefit. That’s technology at its best.