The Science to Immerse
your Patients in Healing.

Fluid Immersion Simulation® (FIS) is an advanced technology based on a simple notion: Rather than the body being forced to conform to a surface, the surface adapts to conform to the body.

Innovation that delivers optimal
clinical outcomes.

By emulating the effects of a body "floating" in a fluid medium, Dolphin FIS provides an environment that promotes tissue perfusion and prevents injury related to compromised blood flow. In multiple clinical situations such as surgical procedures, spinal cord injuries and obesity, Dolphin FIS minimizes soft
tissue deformation.

In addition to preventing pressure-related skin injuries,
Dolphin FIS is clinically effective at speeding the healing of advanced stage or multiple pressure ulcers, flaps, skin grafts, burns and other wound conditions.

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Different settings for different bodies.

Dolphin FIS software uses complex algorithms, a microprocessor and sophisticated dynamic pressure waveform analysis to precisely adjust the density of the surface for the unique anatomical features of the patient. It continuously monitors the patient’s weight, 3D surface area and movements to automatically calculate the exact settings to effectively manage the pressure of the patient’s body in the medium.

The result is that the patient is truly floating, cradled in a simulated fluid environment and suspended in a near neutrally buoyant state. Distortion to the body is minimized and orientation of bone, muscle and subcutaneous tissue is normalized.

One technology, multiple uses.

Dolphin FIS is the first and only technology proven to maintain near normal blood flow and prevent pressure injuries across the care continuum. The system is mobile and is available for most frames in a hospital, including hospital beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, and bariatric and
pediatric surfaces.

It’s a standardized intervention that provides a single, cost-effective solution for operating rooms, post-anesthesia care units, coronary care units, intensive care units, spinal cord injury units, medical-surgical units, emergency departments and long-term care facilities.

Caregivers can concentrate
on providing care.

Dolphin FIS technology is extremely easy to use. There’s virtually no programming, no manual data input, and no need for caregiver/staff intervention. Simply plug it into the wall, place
the patient on the surface, and reap the rewards of the science
of floating.